“The beauty of wabi-sabi is . . . 

the condition of coming to terms 

with what you consider ugly.” 

— Leonard Koren

My system invites the idea of chance into the process, creating a family of unique pieces.  

The randomness suggests the issue of accepting and appreciating the beauty of mistakes similar to the Japanese term wabi-sabi; the aesthetic that elevates the beauty of things imperfect, misshapen, and ugly. The act of throwing a little chance into standardization is the act of wabi-sabi.

I use porcelain, in an unconventional way, for its’ translucent qualities.  I create containers of light that are a production of paper-thin pieces.  The varied thickness of the material distributes the light, producing undulating hues.  The textural thicknesses of the material are revealed when the light illumes, elucidating the transient states of porcelain, beginning as a creamy liquid and transforming into a tangible form.  The light exposes the action and movement of the material and its former liquidity.

My work revolves around the act of synthesizing materials and space in conjunction with light.  Creating, constructing, designing, and an appreciation for the potential of materials inspire my process.

My passion lies with the experimentation of discovering a variety of materials’ limits, pushing them beyond their boundaries, removing the material from its’ original context and assigning a new identity.